Wednesday, October 12, 2016

When the World Seems Sooooooo Dark.......................

This was a bedroom, and will soon be the kitchen.

...................cut a hole in the wall and put in a window!!

As part of our construction process, we girls decided that we needed a window in the main part of the house because it is so dark and it needs, NEEDS more light!!  So we took a window that Barrett salvaged from a job up in the Chicago area that at this point, wasn't doing anything but taking up storage space.

Later, when we decide on the final layout of the two walls that meet in the corner, we'll make the windows look similar, but for now, we'll just live with it and let the sunshine in!!!

It can be frustrating to live like this but like I said before, I think a major advantage is that we can put things in order temporarily and live with it for some time while we decide if it works or not.  We've determined the basic design of the kitchen, now it's just a matter of coming up with the finer details.

Shane, Landon, and Cooper are working on the new "window to the world"! 

A window to the beautiful night sky!

Now we can watch as the guys work!!

Don't be distracted by all the "stuff".  This will be the corner of the kitchen and the once again, the windows are just temporary.  But the amount of light that comes in now is amazing.  Next spring, we'll work on the outside and think about adding some flowers and things.

I picked up these feathers as I was walking out to the garden last night.  I thought the black one was unique so I thought I would show you a picture.

So, if you ever need some more light in your life, just cut a hole in the wall 
and put in a window.  But I must to warn you!!  It can become dangerous because you might end up living in a glass house.  

October 2016

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