Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fresh Garden Potatoes!

I decided that it's about time for me to start walking once again.  I've let my life get a little bit out of order in so many ways that it's time to get back on track and stop neglecting myself.  I know when I take care of myself, I have more time to take care of others. 

I woke up at 7 o'clock this morning, a little later than I would like to get up, but that's better than what I've been doing.  I'm working on not staying up so late so I can get up earlier.  The day seems to be so much longer when I get up early.

Our garden is pretty much done for the summer but we still have a lot of potatoes in the ground.  On my way back home from my walk, I stopped in the garden to "dig" up as many as I could carry in my shirt that I turned into a little "pouch".   

The only things to fall upon these Kennebec potatoes were rain and sunshine; nothing else.

So far, out of all of the things that we grew in the garden this year, potatoes have been my favorite thing to harvest.

It's almost like magic!

I pull away the hay that we used for mulch, and there, just under the dirt, these amazing treasures sit.  

 Everyday is a gift!  

And so is the ability to garden.  
I look forward to getting another chance in the future to see what it is that we can harvest. 

Happy Gardening!

September 2015


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