Monday, September 21, 2015

Barnyard Clean-Up -- "Clearing Land" for..............................

Coming Soon!!

Fresh milk, homemade ice cream, butter, yogurt, kefir, and cheese.

Plans are underway for the new milking barn that we're going to build.  
Landon has a Jersey heifer that's due in a month or so and we'll need a place to milk her.  
Then soon after that, if all goes well, we'll have 2 more Jersey's following suit.  
This is the first phase to prepare the site for the new barn. 

These are our "spooky" trees that we had to cut down!

No really, these trees have never had very many leaves since we moved here, so instead of thinking that they'll come back "full and bushy", we assumed they were dead.  

So down they came.  

It would have been nice to keep them because they looked really interesting, but a dead tree can be a dangerous thing.  Even so, it was hard to see them go, especially now since the road out to the pasture looks so bare--but hopefully not for too long because......................... 

...............................I was thinking that a few sugar maple trees lining the road would look
 really nice planted close to where these trees came down, so we'll see.

The limbs of the trees all but fell apart as we were moving them to the fire.

This tree was so stubborn!  
Oh, and not the best way to take a tree down.  Thankfully no one was hurt!

I know you can't tell from this picture, but these little fire piles are from the old barn that was left by the previous owner before we got here.  Unfortunately, most of this wood was rotten so we just burned it where it was instead of trying to move it.  Once this is cleaned up, nails and all, we'll have a little more work to do before we can start building the new barn.

We're going to try and use as many natural resources here on the farm as we possibly can.  So that means lot's of trees and rocks, and mostly, lots and lots of muscle and sweat.

Roast Beef Anyone?
Kuzco, our Jersey bull, came over to check out the fire.  
Now don't you think he would have known it was hot and walked away?  Oh, No!!  
Barrett had to shoo him away a few times before he became roast beef!

As soon as we start moving forward with the barn, we'll post some more pictures.
Until then, enjoy the most wonderful time of the year!!

September 2015 


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