Monday, June 9, 2014

Boys Will Be "Boys"


     Landon was looking for a Jeep and Cooper found this Samurai on Craigslist.  And somehow Landon got it in his head that he "needed" it.  So yesterday, in order to pick this thing up, we had to drive north of Springfield, MO, about 60 miles.  Please don't ask me how many miles that was from our ranch because it's almost embarrassing (for me at least) not to mention, expensive.

     Now, never mind that the day before we were halfway to the Samurai when we were visiting Cody Holmes' Ranch on Saturday!!  And with the price of fuel, Landon could have saved a whole lot of money and our time if we would have driven there yesterday before we went to Cody's!!  So, why didn't we just go to pick up the Samurai while we were that far west, you ask??  Well, because we had to borrow "The Cowboy's" trailer to haul this "awesomeness" back home and we couldn't catch him until the morning we were getting ready to and hoping to leave.  

     Anyway, the scenery on this trip was beautiful!  It rained a good part of our trip, so the sky was totally cover in clouds until the time the sun set.  And just before sunset, those clouds broke just enough to let the sun shine - would - not - believe it unless you saw it!  The sun was the most amazingly beautiful, blood orange red, that any of us have ever seen!  It was so unbelievable!!  We tried to capture a quick picture with my iPhone, but the photo wouldn't do justice to the beauty that we saw.      

     One thing that made the trip exciting for me, and the boys also, was that we were able to stop at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and spend some time there.    It wasn't enough time to capture all that they have there, so we will surely be back!!

     My first reaction when I saw this Samurai was that it needed to go right to the dump.  I told Landon, "To keep his money in his pocket and take it home with him.  He didn't need this!!  We'll find another one!  Who cares! that we drove so many miles to get here!" 

     Shortly after we arrived, the uncle of the boy that sold the Samurai to Landon said, "I know you came a long way so if you would like to use the restroom, I can show you where it is."  So I looked at Elizabeth and asked her if she need to go and she said, "Yes" so we went.  Never again will I fall for that one because when I came walking back the boy was counting out the money and handing Landon the title!!

     It's funny that I didn't notice until we were on our way home, how apropos my picture was that I had taken!

     Anyway, the boys think it's the coolest thing so we'll see what they can do with it.  At this point it doesn't run, so they have some work to do.

     With all of the traveling we have been doing lately, I told the kids that we are not eating fast food anymore!!!!  I'm so tired of it.  From now on, when we travel we will be preparing our food ahead of time and bringing it with us.  But unfortunately, I didn't do that for this trip so we I told the kids that they had to come up with something else other than fast food.  And what do you think Landon came up with?!

     Next to McDonald's, Walmart's selection of food is right up there at the top of the list as one of the most unhealthy and disgusting foods ever!!  And especially when you eat it, cold and right out of the can.............woo hoo!!    And as much as I don't want to admit it, I guess, in "an emergency" this works, but the boys will have to make something small and portable to warm it up next time!  Such as.....................this portable Wood Gas Stove!  But then again, I will try and be prepared.

Until next time.
June 9, 2014

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