Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Auction - Part 1

Just before the animals came out, the electric fence posts did.
     On Friday night we went to a small animal auction in a town about 60 miles straight west of us.   Now, if we could drive as the crow flies, the distance is probably about 25 miles, but because we can't do that, the distance was close to 60 miles.  And what a ride we had!!  

     Our guide and mentors for the evening were *The Cowboy and his family.  We planned ahead of time to meet downtown at 5:00pm so we could follow The Cowboy to the auction and little did we know what that really meant.  He told us a few days ago that he was going to take us to places that we have never been before and boy did he ever.  

     Now coming from the Chicago area, we're used to driving on familiar roads that are for the most part as straight and flat as they come.  We're used to them, just like anyone would be used to the roads that they grew up with.  And usually when someone says to follow me, they usually take it a little slower to make sure that they don't lose you.  Well, not in this case.  When The Cowboy said, "Follow me.", he meant it.  He took off in that diesel truck and cattle trailer like you can't even begin to imagine.  

     It was the most wild ride that the kids and I have EVER been on.  Who needs to go to the amusement park when you have a road like this!!  I tried to take a video of the ride, but the video just didn't do the ride justice.  We tried to keep from laughing but it wasn't easy.  Is he really expecting us to follow him this way?  I think I remember him putting his brakes on at least twice in the hour that we were in the van.  And I seriously think it was just to check up on us to make sure that were were still behind him!! 

     As we were driving, I was trying to point out the beautiful things along the way and at the same time trying to keep my eyes on the road as the co-pilot, and............trying to make sure that Shane wasn't trying to look at the scenery because he had to keep his eyes on the road.    

     The road, Hwy 106 which takes you through the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, was a gently rolling, gently curvy road with a wide shoulder, but trying to keep up with The Cowboy was crazy!!  It wasn't as if we were in any real danger because the road was a good road, but not ever having driven on this road before, we never knew what to expect.  At one point we thought we were going over a jump because as you came to the top of the hill, we could not see the other side going down!!

     Thankfully and by God's grace, we made it safely and with only one of the girls getting car sick.  The Cowboy says that it will take some time to get used to the roads so don't worry, it will come.

     Sometime we're going to have to drive Hwy 106 again when we we're not in such a hurry because words cannot express how beautiful it really was despite how fast the scenes were moving past us.  The reds, the purples, and the white blossoms set against the newly greening trees and forest was breathtaking.  And overlooking the valleys.......well..........the next time, we will just have to stop and take in the splendor.   

*Names outside of our family will be changed to protect the privacy of the new characters that we meet along the way in this next chapter of our lives journey.

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