Saturday, January 23, 2016

Late Afternoon Ride


It finally snowed for the first time this year!  

Not much more than an inch, but enough to brighten up the world for a while at least.  It's been a few days since it snowed and it's still hanging on even though the days have been warm. 

I love the way the snow reflects the light and brightens up the inside of the house.  If it's going to be winter, we might as well have snow on the ground, right?!  I think so!

Oh, how I love snow!!

As I was working on some paperwork late this afternoon while watching a series of YouTube videos, I heard a faint, "Mom...........Mom........." calling me from the outside.  When I opened the door, here was this little person (Ember) asking for some water.  As she was drinking her water, she paused to tell me that they need some saddlebags so they can take water with them when they go riding.  Hm.  
We'll have to work on that.

My little person on Red.

It was a lot of work getting the horses ready for their ride.  First the girls had to go find them in the field (on foot), chase them into the barnyard, corral them in the round pen, catch them, put a halter on, walk them to the other side of the barn near the tack room, and saddle them up. 

It's all the work I didn't see.  

Now, looking at the girls and the horses, you would never know that they had worked so hard.  

Emma and Dixie

Elizabeth just finished helping Ember up into the saddle.
At last it was time for their reward before the sun set for the day; a short ride down the road. 

 There they go with Dixie in the lead followed by Scout and then Red.

Stories from Saddlebrook Ranch (our new name).

January 2016

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