Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Our First Video: On to Greener Pastures

Happy Thanksgiving

Wow, it's amazing how fast the time goes by!

I can't believe it's been almost a month since our last post.  We've been busy enjoying visits from friends, hunting, learning to pressure "process" (I guess I would say), and getting ready for the Thanksgiving weekend that I didn't even realize that the holidays were just around the corner.  We have some family coming to spend the weekend with us so there is a lot of preparation going on.

Oh, how I love Thanksgiving!

It is so easy for me to get so. caught. up. with what we need to do, that I take for granted so. many. things!  I don't even realize, unless I purposely take the time to stop and think, that we have been blessed with so many family, friends, neighbors, people that come across our paths, and material things! 

And I need to be thankful for all aspects of life!  

Sure, we all have things that we think we need or want in life, including me, but we need to focus on where we are in life right now and what we have that has been given to us.  So many books will tell you to be content, but living the life of contentment and truly resting in it can be a completely different thing.  

For the most part, I can honestly say that I am content with where I am in life.  Most of my restlessness and anxieties now a days come from my "worry" about where my kids are going to be in the future and who they are going to marry.  

And yes, we have six boys and four girls. 

I wish I could go back to the years when my kids were younger and life was so much easier, but I can't.  Not that I haven't trusted in my Lord since I first came to know Him as Savior when I was 10, I have, but I think that in this "season" of my life, my trust just has to be that much stronger.

Now, on a lighter note............................ 

  Here is something we've been working on and it's been kind of fun.  

Who knows, maybe film making is in our future. 

 We hope you enjoy it!

November 2015

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  1. Great job everyone. A small glimpse into the lives of the Petersons. Beautiful land and backdrop. Cute critters too.