Thursday, October 15, 2015

For the Love of the "Garden"

We're getting our second garden site ready for next spring although this is a dangerous job.  
Notice the boys in their hazmat suits!!  
We must protect them from all those nasty chemicals, you know, like, old rotten hay bales.

My plan is a 'no-till' garden so we're spreading some old hay on the new site for next year.   
The hay should decompose over the winter and help build the soil.   

I just finished reading, "The Plowman's Folly" by Edward H. Faulkner.  Wow, what a book!!  I'm looking forward to reading it again and his second book, "A Second Look", once I get it in the mail.

Even though the work was hard, we did have a few laughs here and there.

Resting?  The guys tell me this is hard work.

I thought this video was funny because that's Elizabeth driving the car on our road.

Our busy road, one logger truck today.
No, Esther didn't jump, Barrett pushed her off!
Ready and waiting for those young strapping boys.

October 2015

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